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Charla Spayde, Pre-School Director    

Welcome to Good Hope Christian Preschool!

Good Hope Christian Preschool promotes spiritual, social, emotional, cognitive, language, and physical development through a distinctive Christian curriculum and within the parameters of a Christian atmosphere. The director/ lead teacher of the four/five year-old class, has a degree in education. The lead teacher of the three year-old class has fourteen years of teaching experience with preschoolers. Both are certified in CPR, as well as first aid, and continually take professional development classes in early childhood education. Ohio Early Learning and Development Standards are taught in a Christian-based environment.  

Preschool Faculty

Charla Spayde, Director and Teacher of 4/5 Year-Olds
Brittany Steffan, Teacher Assistant of 4/5 Year-Olds

Aimee Wood, Teacher of
3 Year-Olds

Lori Skaggs, Teacher Assistant of 3 Year-Olds
*3 Year-Old Class- 8:30am-11:30am, Monday through Thursday
4/5 Year-Old Class- 8:30am-11:30am, Monday through Thursday

Good Hope Christian is now enrolling for 2022-2023
*All Classes: Non-refundable Registration Fee: $60.00
            Tuition: $120.00 a month/$1,080.00 for the year
*Your child's enrollment will be reserved once a completed registration form and non-refundable registration fee have been given to Charla Spayde, Preschool Director.

Preschool Board Members
Sharon Zahn, President; Erin Weber, Vice-President; Sally Johnson, Secretary; Melinda Crall-Cauley, Vicki Edgington, Kay Kimerline, and Carolyn Sand

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